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Posted by tribeofa | Posted in MS Word | | Posted on 09-12-2009

You’ve done everything right – you’ve chosen “Insert” from the menu bar or the picture icon from a tool bar or pane, you’ve chosen “picture from file,” and you’ve said OK. A nice box appears but no picture! You try different formats, you try this, you try that. You print the picture out of another program and it’s fine! What gives?? What gives is that Word thinks your picture is behind some text, even if you have none. What can I tell you? Word is occasionally delusional.

Get to “Format Picture” by your preferred method – I right click on the picture.

Now choose “Layout” from the list of choices. In the Mac 2008 version it looks like this – yours may differ, but the same choices will be there:









Now click on “In front of text,” which shows the dog in front of the lines:




Your picture appears like a rabbit in freshly planted lettuce patch.


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My pleasure!

Thank you! Dang if that didn’t take long enough to get an answer that worked for me!

I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job!,

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